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What statements about the beamwidth of an RF antenna are true? (Choose 2)
A. The lower the gain of an antenna, the moreap-1 is narrow one or both beamwidths become.
B. The beamwidth patterns on an antenna polar chart indicate the point at which the RF signal stops propagating.
C. Horizontal and vertical beamwidth are calculated at the points in which the main lobe decreases power by 3 dB.
D. Horizontal beamwidth is displayed (in degrees) on the antenna¡¯s Azimuth Chart.
Answer: C,D

What factors influence the distance that an RF signal can be effectively received? (Choose 3)
A. Transmitting station’s power source
B. Receiving station’s radio sensitivity
C. Free Space Path Loss
D. MAC layer encryption
E. Transmitting station’soutput power
F. Temperature in the Fresnel zone
Answer: B,C,E

What factors are taken into account when calculating the Link Budget of a point-to-point outdoor WLAN bridge link?
A. Operating frequency
B. Transmit antenna gain
C. Transmit power
D. Antenna height
Answer: A,B,C

What HT technology requires MIMO support on both the transmitter and receiver?
A. Spatial multiplexing
B. Shot guard intervals
C. Maximal ratio combining
D. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Answer: A

What is the intended use for the WLAN hardware known as a pole or mast mount unit?
A. Mounting a lightning arrestor to a grounding rod
B. Mounting anomnidirectional antenna to a mast
C. Mounting an RF amplifier to a dipole antenna
D. Mounting a PoE injector to a perforated radome
E. Mounting an access point to a site survey tripod
Answer: B

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